Long-distance limousine transport of persons to international airports


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1.1. Business terms and conditions are understood as these Business terms and conditions of the business entity Limoservices Group s.r.o

1.2. The provider is the company Limoservices Group s.r.o. with registered office at Vajnorská 57, 831 03 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, ID number: 45886318, registered in the commercial register of the City Court Bratislava III, in section: Sro, in insert number: 68413/B

1.3. A customer is a natural or legal person to whom the Provider provides personal road transport services performed by personal vehicles on the basis of its order, primarily providing transport services for persons from the place of commencement of transport to the place of completion of transport.

1.4. Customer means a natural or legal person who is transported by the provider.

1.5 The place of starting the transport is the place designated by the customer, where the provider is obliged to pick it up.

1.6. The place of termination of the transport is the place specified by the customer, to which the provider is obliged to transport it.

1.7. The sub-contractor is a partner of the provider who has been appointed as a representative for the performance of all services provided by the provider in the field of transport. The same terms and conditions apply to the designated sub-supplier as to the provider.

1.8. The provider designates as a sub-contractor the company: Martin Mergeš, IČO: 42249953, 83106 Bratislava-Rača, Karpatské námestie 7770/10A


2.1. These terms and conditions apply to all personal road transport services provided by the provider. These terms and conditions can be deviated from in individual cases only on the basis of a written agreement between the provider and the customer.

2.2. These terms and conditions are binding for the customer from the moment he enters into a legal relationship with the provider or designated sub-contractor.

2.3. The customer is in an exclusive contractual relationship only with the provider or sub-contractor and in no case with any other person that the provider arranges for the customer's transportation.


3.1. The provider or subcontractor undertakes:

a.) in case of confirmation of the order, pick up the person/persons at the place of start of the transport and ensure their transport to the place of completion of the transport.

b.) in case of impossibility to arrive at the place where the transport starts, the provider or sub-contractor is obliged to inform the customer without further delay and agree on the next procedure.

3.2. The legal relationship between the customer and the provider, unless a written contract is signed between them, is created the moment the provider or sub-contractor accepts the customer's order. At this moment, the obligation of the provider or sub-contractor to ensure the transportation of the person/persons and the obligation of the customer to pay the final billed price for transportation according to these terms and conditions and the provider's price list arise. The price list can be found on the provider's website www.limoservices.sk, www.airporttaxi.sk, www.taxisluzba.com, www.taxischwechat.sk.

3.3. The provider can fulfill its obligation with the help of another provider, a sub-contractor, and at the same time the customer agrees that he can use any third party to fulfill the obligation, and thus subcontract all or some parts of transportation and other services under such conditions as the provider determines.


4.1. The customer undertakes, if he wants to use the services of the provider or sub-contractor, to order transportation in the specified manner, by phone, via sms or mms, electronically (email), via an online form, or via other web platforms that the provider supports and uses.

b.) state your name, the name of the transported person/persons, e-mail, telephone number in the order; in the order, also indicate the address of the starting point of the transport and the time of collection and the place of completion of the transport and any planned stops along the way, if it is a transport from an airport, as well as the time and number of the arrival.

c.) provide the provider with correct data on the place of start of transportation and the exact pick-up time; in case of violation of this obligation, the provider is not responsible for failure to arrive at the place of commencement of transportation or for late arrival at the commencement of transportation.

d.) state the number of transported persons, the number of luggage, especially if it is large luggage or more luggage that would not fit in a Mercedes-benz E-class passenger car, the name of the company, special requirements and others.

e.) if it concerns the transport of animals, it is necessary to communicate in advance the possibility of such transport, approval by the provider is required.


5.1. The obligation of the Provider or sub-contractor to transport the person/persons is fulfilled by bringing the customer to the place of termination of the transport, if other circumstances do not prevent this, such as diversion of traffic, closure of a part of the site on the way to the destination or the entire destination site, bad weather, various detours and detours, forced and unforced standing and other various situations that, for example, make it impossible to arrive at the planned place of termination, various other as well as improbable and unusual situations that affect the possibility of bringing the customer to the place of termination of transportation.


6.1. The customer is obliged to familiarize himself with the provider's current price list, which is accessible on the publicly accessible information system (Internet) on the provider's website.

6.2. The customer is obliged to pay the full final price charged by the provider or sub-contractor at the end of the transport for the transport in accordance with these terms and conditions.

6.3. The price for the transport can be paid in cash, by payment card through the terminal or by cashless transfer if it was agreed in advance with the provider:

a.) if a payment was agreed in advance before the transport was carried out, also on the basis of an invoice - a tax document issued by the provider, or if the provider has designated a sub-contractor, then the invoice and tax blocks can also be issued by the sub-contractor.

b.) By payment card via the Internet, if the provider or sub-supplier has offered this option to the customer after the order has been created.

6.4. The fees and final price invoiced by the provider or sub-contractor to the customer according to these terms and conditions or the provider's price list are shown without VAT.

6.5.  according to § 46 paragraph 2 of the VAT Act, transport services that start or  end outside the territory of the Slovak Republic are exempt from VAT

6.6. for transport only within the Slovak Republic, a VAT rate of 20% is charged, VAT will be added to the final price if the provider or sub-contractor has entrusted the transport to an entity that is a VAT payer, if the provider or sub-contractor has entrusted the transport to an entity that is not a VAT payer , then no VAT rate will be added, so the resulting final price is equal to the price without VAT.


7.1. If the Customer discovers that the services provided show deficiencies in the quality or scope of the services provided, he has the right to complain about these deficiencies. Complaints must be dealt with without undue delay after the deficiency has been discovered, no later than 10 days after the shipment.

7.2. The complaint in terms of the previous paragraph must be in electronic form, sent by e-mail to info@taxischwechat.sk and must contain an accurate description of the damage caused and must be delivered to the provider or subcontractor within the deadline according to the previous paragraph.

7.3. If the Customer does not assert his claims in the time and in the manner according to this article, it is valid that the transport was carried out on time and properly.

7.4. If the customer cancels the order, the order will be canceled without cancellation fees in sufficient time and before the start of delivery of the ordered service. The start of service delivery is also the time required to arrive at the pick-up address. The order can only be canceled by email to info@taxischwechat.sk. The order can be canceled a maximum of 2 hours before the pick-up time, unless the customer and the provider or sub-contractor agree otherwise. Confirmation of order cancellation is the reply of the supplier or sub-supplier in electronic form via e-mail from info@taxischwechat.sk. Such order cancellation will be free of cancellation fees. If the customer cancels the order late, i.e. when the order has already started to be processed or the time window for canceling the order has already passed, the customer will be charged a cancellation fee equal to the value of the ordered transport or a flat rate determined by the provider or sub-contractor.  

7.5. Procedure for processing a complaint:

7.5.1. If it is not possible to deal with the complaint immediately, it is necessary to write a complaint record with the customer, which must be signed by the customer and the carrier who is authorized to do so.

7.5.2. The customer is obliged to provide true information regarding the complaint about the shortcomings of the service provided, as well as the cooperation necessary in handling the complaint.

7.5.3. The provider or sub-contractor or the person appointed to handle the complaint will decide on the validity of the complaint.

7.5.4. The provider is obliged to inform the customer in writing via e-mail info@taxischwechat.sk about the status of the claim processing within 30 days at the latest from its application, i.e. from the receipt of the documents from the customer. These are mainly deficiencies related to the professional assessment of the complaint.


8.1. All legal relations arising between the Provider or subcontractor and the customer are governed by the laws of the Slovak Republic. In matters not regulated by the contract or these terms and conditions, the relevant provisions of the Commercial Code shall apply.

8.2. The authentic wording of the terms and conditions and the relationship to different statements or documents

8.3. These terms and conditions take precedence over any different declaration by persons acting on behalf of the provider or sub-contractor, unless this different declaration is made in writing and signed by a person who is authorized to act on behalf of the provider or sub-contractor in accordance with the relevant legal regulations.

8.4. These terms and conditions apply only unless a written contract states otherwise.

8.5. These Terms and Conditions are published on a publicly accessible information system with the possibility of remote access (Internet), at the address www.taxischwechat.sk. In the event of a discrepancy between the written version of the Terms and Conditions and their version published on a publicly accessible information system (Internet), the version published on a publicly accessible information system (Internet) takes precedence, which is the only authentic version of the Terms and Conditions.


9.1. During registration, the customer provides the data necessary for his identification in the online system, which enable the necessary accounting operations to be carried out, and a tax document to be drawn up.

9.2. The provider undertakes to handle and dispose of the customer's personal data in accordance with applicable legal regulations, collects them only for the above-mentioned purpose and to improve the quality of its services.

9.3. By using the online system, the customer agrees to the collection and use of information about him under the above conditions.

9.4. Additional information on personal data protection is published on the provider's website in the GDPR and Cookie tab , which you can view by clicking on the link or on the link listed in the bottom bar of this website.


10.1. These Terms and Conditions enter into force on 2 December 2023

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